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Easycom .NET is a set of .NET managed classes that allows access to all resources of the AS/400.


Easycom .NET opens the AS/400 to the Microsoft .NET environment. It is compatible with all kind of .NET environment, i.e. .NET assemblies, .NET Windows forms or console programs, services, ASP.NET applications.


Easycom .NET includes a fast read engine for efficiently calling SQL stored procedures or retrieving data. This is possible because of using a specific subsystem and program on the AS/400, EASYCOM. This read engine is compatible with LOB fields.


Easycom .NET also includes sessions pooling (timeout and limit can be set), many advanced security options, prestart jobs, etc. This product is highly scalable and offers many configuration settings both on client and server side.

Session pooling and fast read engines ensure very good performance, especially in ASP.NET environments.


Easycom .NET is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework and implements most ADO.NET interfaces (System.Data.EasycomClient namespace).


Easycom .NET includes additional interfaces and methods to implement AS/400 specific tasks like (Easycom namespace):

-       all possible native operations on an AS/400 file (Easycom.EasycomFile class)

-       basic operation on an opened file (Easycom.EasycomDataSet class)

-       AS400 programs call (Easycom.EacXML class)


Two versions of Easycom .NET exist:


1) The first one is based on .NET Framework 4.8 (and previous versions).

This version of Easycom for .NET will be usable by Visual Studio projects targeting Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8.

Target platform is Windows only.


2) The second one is based on .NET 8.

.NET 8 is supported with Visual Studio 2022.

Target platforms are Windows and Linux (64-bit).